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November 29, 2012
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Dave x Reader – Rainy Day

You look out the window, sighing somewhat as you watch the raindrops drizzle slowly down the glass.  It was gloomy out.  You didn’t like days like this, they always seem to bring you down.  You swing around in your desk chair towards your laptop and open it, waiting for the faint hum of the fan and the illumination of the screen to signal startup.  The screen flashes on, the Windows logo displayed in the center of the screen.
The familiar yellow window pops up as you start up Pesterchum. Scrolling through the short list of your chums, a single handle is highlighted in yellow: turntechGodhead. Dave is on, hopefully his cool-kid demeanor can at least brighten up your day. You’ve known Dave since you were really young, and he knows you better than anyone else, possibly better than you know yourself.  

turntechGodhead [TG] started pestering chumHandle [CH] on MM/DD/YYYY at (time)

[TG] hey
[CH] hi Dave!
[CH] whatcha doin?
[TG] working on some mixes
[TG] want to hear? who am I kidding of course you do

turntechGodhead sent chumHandle a file: asdf.mp3

[CH] thanks. Too lazy to name the file, I see?
[TG] yeah pretty much

You sigh. Something has been nagging at you for the past few days. You had to admit it to yourself.  For the past 15 years, you have been madly crushing on Dave Strider. But you always believed you had a snowball’s chance in hell of him liking you back.  The thought of admitting it to him sent shivers down your spine. Naturally, you were terrified. Here you both are in your 20’s, and you haven’t once hinted at affection for him.  The faint *ping!* of the Pesterchum client was trying to get your attention.

[TG] ive been working on this one for a while
[TG] hope its worth a listen
[TG] so what do you think
[TG] __(nickname)__?
[TG] _______?
[TG] still alive over there dude
[CH] yeah sorry
[CH] I was listening to your track and kinda got lost in thought.
[TG] thats good, right?
[CH] it is! I really like it, Dave.
[TG] cool

You smile to yourself and fiddle with some _(items of interest)_ lying on your desk. You need to tell him. It can’t stay hidden away forever.

[CH] so…theres something I need to talk to you about.
[TG] ok, what is it
[CH] well…weve known each other for pretty much our whole lives, right?
[TG] as far as i know unless some weird time shit is involved or something
[CH] you know what I mean
[CH] but anyway, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while now
Your hands shake as you type, breathing slowly to keep yourself steady.
[TG] __(first name)__ __(last name)__ is this going where I think its going?

You jolt slightly. Dave only uses your full name when hes dead serious about something.

[CH] Dave I
[CH] I just

A flash of lightning and a crack of thunder foreshadows the knockout of your electricity, and, internet

[CH] dave I just really like you ok there I said it!

Message to turntechGodhead could not be sent

chumHandle’s internet connection has been interrupted!

chumHandle ceased pestering turntechGodhead

“God DAMNIT!” you yell at the screen.  You slam down the lid in frustration and storm over to your bed and flop down on the mattress, screaming softly into your pillow.  You lay there for a while, wallowing in your frustration. A knock on the door grabbed your attention. You live alone and have few friends who would dare venture out in this storm. Who would be visiting in weather like this?

You head towards your door, and cautiously turn the handle, opening the door to reveal…Dave?  A very cold, shivering Dave standing right there on your doorstep!

“Are you gonna let me in or are you just gonna stand there gawking at me?” Dave’s smooth, velvety voice pierced through your daze and brought you back to reality. “Oh! Y-yeah come in!”  You step aside to allow the tall, lanky boy in to your home.  He shakes off his jacket as you close the door, dumping it unceremoniously on the floor.

“Make yourself at home.” You growl in disapproval at him, and he smirks back at you, peering at you from behind his mess of sandy blond hair and dark sunglasses.  You feel a slight blush creep to your cheeks, but banish it with a shake of your head.  Dave strolls over to your couch and plops down, making himself comfortable. You go and sit next to him, playing with one of the strings on your hoodie.

“Power’s out.” Dave said, looking about the room.
“Thanks captain obvious, I couldn’t have possibly deducted that without your help.” You giggle a little at him, earning another small smile. You could feel butterflies erupting in your stomach as you made brief eye contact with him, or as much eye contact as you could make with him through those dark sunglasses.

“So, you wanted to tell me something?” he spoke, breaking the silence between you two. You jumped, and looked away, looking at the floor, the coffee table, anything but him. “I…well you see…I, uh, I gotta go get some coffee.” You stand up quickly, only to be stopped by a grip on your wrist.  “Dave, what are you-“ before you can get the next words out, he pulls you down to sit on his lap.
You sit absolutely still, afraid that a single movement would cause you to wake up and this all be a dream or something. He wraps his arms around you tightly, and rests his chin on top of your head. “I’m not letting go until you tell me.” He says, the rumbling vibrations of his voice resonating in his chest. You jump a little bit as you begin to hear his heartbeat against the side of your head.  Sure you have hugged Dave before, but you were never this…close.

     The two of you sit there for a little while, your heartbeat going fast, you’re sure that Dave can hear it over the steady thump…thump…thump of his own heart.  You take a deep breath, leaning your head to rest on his chest. It’s now or never. “Dave…” you begin, closing your eyes.  “______.” He replies, looking down at you with those piercing red eyes.  “I…” you breathe out slowly, then back in again. “You have to promise me this won’t ruin our friendship.” You say, glancing up at him. “I promise, now get on with it.” He replies firmly, tightening his embrace on you slightly.

“Dave…I…” you take another deep breath, steadying yourself. “Dave, I love you. I have for a really long time and it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way I don’t mind just please don’t hate me for this.”
Dave was absolutely silent and still. As if he had suddenly turned to stone. You felt tears well up in your eyes. “I’m sorry, Dave….” You choke out as a tear slips from your eyes.  A gentle hand is near your face suddenly, and carefully brushes the tear away.  You look up to see Dave’s face mere inches from yours, a soft look in his eyes, as compared to the normal blank look.
“I just…” you whisper before he leans in and presses his lips against yours, holding your head still with his fingers entwined in your hair.  You feel a shiver course through your body. Dave. Dave Strider was kissing you!  His soft lips pressed against your own was pure bliss, his scent was like a drug that made you want more.  
Dave pulls back, drawing a disappointed whimper from you.  He grins at you. “Now that wasn’t so difficult, now was it?”  You smile nervously, and he pulls you into a tight, warm embrace. You seem to melt in his arms. “And for the record, _____,” Dave said, gently kissing your neck, alternating between kisses and loving bites. The little bites set your blood ablaze. “I love you too.”
Just a little Dave x Reader one-shot I did today because I'm not feeling well...anyway I thinks it was sucktastic so go read some good fanfics now kay?

:icondaveapprovesplz: + you
Dave Strider and Homestuck (and our souls) belong to :iconandrewhussieplz: .
You belong to you (hopefully)
The only thing I own here is the story.
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i l0ve all h0me2tuck
Assyria888 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No I belong to Dave now
its 5:30 in the morning, no one is awake yet and im  trying not to scream my head off cuz of the feels! this story is amazing! very well written! thank you so much author-chan!!!
TheBookDorkPrincess Mar 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
So many feels ;u;
Iris-the--kitty Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn storms. But I have myself to blame for the lightning.
FakeShota Feb 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh,so cute I'm gonna die ;A; 
FluteNutella Jan 4, 2014

agh, this is so cute. <3
goawayok Dec 26, 2013  Student Photographer
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Oooooh neck biting hubba hubba yes please 
>: D
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PokemonX220 Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats your comment made me laugh for. 10 minutes. X d
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